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August 23, 2009


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augusto esclusa

Rapid thoughts, stream of consciousness whatever you wanna call it, you have it! I like this blog, I like it a lot! Someone smarter than me said..."The power of imagination makes us infinite" so keep writing and imagining. I certainly hope you are right and the best is yet to come, in the meantime drink a Polar Ice in our name and watch the new Chevy Chase sitcom, I think Goldie Hawn has a cameo on it.


not everyone is mad, some are just not mad enough, others are too busy being nothing. Thanks for blogging.

Alvaro Fernandez

When I wrote the word MAD, I meant INSANE, and it only pertained to when random people are having random conversations and how some people don't really listen. But there was no connection at all with being MAD as in ANGRY or FURIOUS.

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Well i have seen this pic of wonderland in my facebook community. The more pictures you include the views will be massive.


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At the end of the day, faith is a funny thing.


Interesting site, always a new topic .. good luck in the new 2011. Happy New Year!


Interesting site, always a new topic .. good luck in the new 2011. Happy New Year!

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